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Angularjs Interview Questions

Become an Angular Developer and looking for angular interview questions to get the dream job. In this article, we are going to share some mostly asked angular developer questions. You should prepare all the Angular developer interview questions to get your job. Apart from this, many questions are coding based. You must have good command on Angular Development/coding. Before going to attend the job interview you must practice the programming questions. Hope these questions help you a lot during the interview.

Angularjs Basic Interview Questions

  • What is Angular?
  • Define the ng-content Directive?
  • Please explain the various features of Angular.
  • Demonstrate navigating between different routes in an Angular application.
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using Angular?
  • Could you explain services in Angular?
  • Enumerate some salient features of Angular 7.
  • Explain Angular Authentication and Authorization.
  • What is string interpolation in Angular?
  • How to generate a class in Angular 7 using CLI?
Angularjs 2 Interview Questions
Angularjs 2 Interview Questions

Angularjs 2 Interview Questions

  • What is Angular 2?
  • What are the key components of Angular 2?
  • Explain Modules in Angular 2.
  • What are Angular 2 directives? Explain with examples.
  • How will you handle errors in Angular 2 applications?
  • What is Dependency Injection? Explain with example.
  • Explain systemjs.config.json file.
  • How will you convert an input to all lowercase?
  • How will you get a substring from a string?
  • How will you convert a string into a currency?

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Angularjs Interview Questions for Experienced

  • What is the syntax of For Each loop? which loop would you use to parse a JSON and why?
  • Explain MVC in reference to angular?
  • Can there be two ng-app for a single angular application?
  • What is $scope?
  • What are custom filters? Write down a syntax of the same?
  • What is the difference between ng-if and ng-show?
  • What is the purpose of the $watch?
  • Where should one use form action instead of $http for accessing a method on a server?
  • What is ng-init used for?
  • What is service in AngularJS used for?

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