Plugins to Implement Google Analytics in WordPress

best Google analytics WordPress Plugin

Best Google analytics WordPress Plugin, Currently Google Analytics has become an essential tool for the control and analysis of traffic, so it is an essential tool for the administrator of any website.

In any website, it is really simple to insert the Google Analytics tracking code, and there are even several ways to do it, some easier than others, but with the same objective.

Best Google analytics WordPress Plugin

In WordPress it is very easy to implement the tracking code of Google Analytics, in fact, there are several ways, some manual and others through the use of plugins that allow us to filter the visits that are counted and those that do not.

In this article, we will try to list some Best Google analytics WordPress Plugin.

Better Google Analytics

The biggest advantage of Better Google Analytics is that in addition to allowing the Google Analytics tracking code to be easily implemented, it also adds a section to WordPress from where you can see the same information as in the Google Analytics dashboard, all through the API.

Better Google Analytics is able to track certain events or actions that are performed on your website; in addition, you can also implement the Google Analytics code using API only by pressing a Google analytics WordPress Plugin

Google Analyticator

It is a plugin developed by the people of SumoMe, and like its competitors it allows you to insert the Google Analytics tracking code in WordPress but it also allows you to see the Google Analytics information in the WordPress dashboard.

Google Analyticator is not as flexible in terms of functionalities as its competitors, but in return, it is much more compatible, in fact, some of its competitors do not allow choosing between Classic Analytics and the new Universal Analytics but this Best Google analytics WordPress Plugin allows it.


Google Analytics by BestWebSoft

BestWebSoft is a plugin for WordPress that allows us to insert the tracking code of Google Analytics in WordPress in an easy and simple way, even though the Google Analytics API by pressing just one button.


NK Google Analytics

The NK Google Analytics plugin has the as great advantage that a large amount of information it is able to display in the WordPress panel through API.

NK Google Analytics allows you to insert the Google Analytics tracking code in WordPress but also allows you to insert the cookie warning bar.

Simple Universal Google Analytics

Simple Universal Google Analytics is a WordPress plugin that has little to explain, as it simply allows us to insert the unique Google Analytics tracking code.

The only thing we have to do is insert the Analytics code and forget; maybe it lacks enough flexibility in the configuration

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

The Google Analytics code in WordPress website by MonsterInsights permits you to follow your blog simply and for all time keep up to date with the most recent features in Google Analytics. It is very easy to set up Google Analytics on your WordPress website with the help of this Plugin, and it takes only 5 minutes.

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