Best Time To Visit Cambodia and Vietnam

Best Places to Visit in Thailand Cambodia and Vietnam

According to travel guides, the best time to visit Cambodia and Vietnam is during months of November to April. During these months the humidity and temperatures are down and having less frequency. During this time, many of the tourists visit Cambodia or Vietnam and enjoy Vietnamese Tet Festival. If you are looking to visit during this time then try to book hotels or other travel arrangements. During this time, lots of tourists are there and some time tourist will not get any hotel according to their needs. The prices are a little good during the season time. That’s another reason November to April is the perfect time to visit Cambodia or Vietnam.

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Best Time to go to Vietnam and Cambodia

Best time to go to Vietnam and Cambodia
Best Places to Visit in Thailand Cambodia and Vietnam

Cambodia and Vietnam are the best travel attraction for tourist. But everyone wants to know the perfect time to visit Cambodia and Vietnam. Tourist visits both countries in the dry and wet season. And some loves to visit all round the year. Best Time to Visit Cambodia or Vietnam from November to April as we say. The monsoon the season started in Vietnam from June to October month. According to travel guides, it started earlier in May and goes later in November month. It feels good if you take shower in the afternoon during the months of June to October, it feels you refreshed. So June to October months is also good to travel Cambodia and Vietnam. Visit Cambodia and Vietnam in off seasons gives you low prices in hotel deals. And on other hands, you can avoid crowds of tourist. Share blog post if you like it.

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