Blog Submission Sites List | What is Blog Submission in SEO

What is Blog Submission in SEO

Blog submission in SEO is an Off-page activity which is performed by the website owner or marketers. In this activity, the marketer post article on his website niche website to get backlinks and traffic to its website. SEO professional also keeps the website up to date with the latest trend, which helps him attract visitors to read and share the website. In this article, we also updated the free blog submission sites list. Post your website on directory sites and rank higher on Google results.

Advantages of Free Blog Submission

1.Free Marketing:

It’s providing free marketing and brand awareness and helps in website growth.

2.Helps Build Authority

With the help of the blog submission website, the owner car shares the latest post with other blog sites that carry the blog niche.

3.Inbound Links

With the help of the blog submission website, the owner will get lots of high authority links from his blogs sites. Which helps him in gaining the internal or outbound links score.

4.Improves SEO

This off-page SEO activity helps in website raking and new links indexing on Google search results. The content website owner posted on blog sites can help his website to rank on Google.

How to Do Blog Submission in SEO

Blog submission in SEO is easy to do if you know the way how to do it. And if you are fresher and want to know how you can get backlink through blog submission. Then here we share the way, how to do blog submission in SEO. Before starting the blog submission, you have to find out the high domain authority blog submission sites, which allow submitting articles. While you search for blog submission site you will get two types of blog sites.

First, those who allow posting articles free of cost and others who charge to post an article on their site. Then you have to choose the way to go through paid or free submission. If you have the budget for your website then we suggest you post an article on paid sites, because they post it instantly and approve it and show you the live link of your article. And if your budget is low and can’t afford the money to post an article, then go through the free blog submission sites.

How to Do Blog Submission in SEO

Here is the process of how to do blog submission: First of all choose the website which has high domain authority and accept the article to post on the website. After that make sure the website carries the category in which you want to post the article. Browse the website choose the category where you want to post and fill all details required for website link submission like Title, Username, Meta Keyword, Content, etc.

Free blog submission does not deliver you the fast result, it will take one or half months to index and affect website ranking. Apart from this paid submission deliver the fast result, because link indexing in the paid method is much faster than free. So we also suggest choosing according to your budget. Here we also share some Blog submission sites list. Check all the sites and update your article to get backlink and rank on Google.

Here is the list of 20+ Blog Submission Sites List

Sr No.Blog Submission Sites ListDomain Authority

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