Earn money from Youtube without Adsense

how to earn money from youtube without adsense

How to earn money from Youtube without Adsense, the good news is that YouTube ads are not the only ways to earn money if you work hard and have a good business plan on the internet. And you do not need to invest anything.

Earn money from Youtube without Adsense

Alternative solutions to generate YouTube income without Adsense that will change you to get money from YouTube: think of YouTube as a tool that will attract people and therefore money to other places.

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google? From the point of view of marketing, it does not make sense to ignore this massive resource: get visits and free publicity!

One of the best opportunities to make money is to use YouTube to sell your own physical products.
Produce videos with content that fits the niche of your product. At the end of the videos, you can generate a traffic channel to the landing pages of your products.
If you have a good product and your videos are simple, useful and attractive, it will almost always work.

Sell premium videos 

If your ultimate goal is to make money with the videos, there is a much better option than simply trusting Adsense. Instead, create a YouTube channel and create an audience.

The main objective is to involve this audience and create a brand. Then, once you’ve earned a reputation, start directing traffic to your own landing pages, where you can increase sales with premium video content.

What are the advantages of selling premium videos with quality content?

You can sell pay per view rentals, monthly subscriptions or any intermediate amount. The best part is that you can set your price. You do not have to divide your income into it with YouTube.

how to earn money from youtube without adsense

Direct traffic to affiliate links

Affiliate programs have become an important option when it comes to making money fast online. The problem is that many affiliate publishers do not make the effort necessary to really generate a considerable income.

Do not blindly rely on static blogs to attract people to links and advertisements. Try to create an animated YouTube channel and use it as the main path.

The Internet continues to move towards video as the main form of content. You can go ahead and start earning benefits now.

Attract sponsorships

If you look at the most successful YouTubers, you will see the sponsorships and advertisements they have in their content and video channels. These offers are opportunities that the creators of videos have discovered for themselves.

The best thing about sponsorships is that you do not have to leave YouTube. In addition, you can negotiate the contracts you want based on the impressions and your amount of audience.

In most cases, the amount of revenue you can generate through sponsorships/sponsors is significantly greater than YouTube’s advertising revenue.

Live broadcast

Lastly, take advantage of your YouTube reputation and attract people by broadcasting live.

If, your YouTube channel focuses on a specific audience, research events, conferences and large outputs of the product or news market. This will help you choose dates and themes.

Then, find your YouTube statistics and your best videos. Use them as a commercial presentation in front of the directors of these events.

Expert conferences live and direct can be very lucrative. It is possible to generate thousands of euros or dollars for only one-hour presentation.

Therefore, be sure to look for these opportunities and never ignore the opportunity to grow your audience by all means.

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