Top 5 Free Image Hosting sites like Photobucket

Here is the free image hosting sites like Photobucket to promote images. Image hosting is the best way to create your own online store by uploading your favourite picture in one place. After creating your collection and making an online store on image hosting sites, you can share your collection among your friend circle and family easily. Photo hosting sites allow you to create a sharing link for your photo collection and forward it to your relative/friend circle to view your collection. Choose the best website for image hosting depends on how much photos you want to update on the website and the reason for uploading. After hosting charges taken by Photobucket, everyone is looking for free image hosting sites like Photobucket. And after a long research over the internet, we find out some free image hosting sites like as Photobucket.

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Free Image Hosting Sites Like Photobucket

Google Photos

Google Photos is one of largest photo hosting platform/website, in which anyone can upload a large number of photos free of cost. The main feature of this website is it backup your photos automatically. So you don’t need to worry about your photos losing. Apart from this the platform also users to edit image online and search for their old photos, which was upload many years ago. Google Photos also carry your collection according to the time frame and create a specific folder for the uploaded date.

The user can change the name of the upload folder according to his image title. Anyone can download the Google app from play store on his android mobile phone. The user needs to sign in to Google photo app through his registered email id. After signing to the application, it will automatically upload your all collection of the image from the phone into Google photos drive. After that users no need to worry about his picture losses, SD card corrupted, etc issues.


Dropbox is the same as Google photos, in which users can upload JPEG, PNG, TIF, BMP, XCF, etc images. The platform offers free photo cloud store to its users. Users can upload multiple images on this website according to his collection. The good feature of this website is it’s sharing the link. Users can get and shareable link of its image collection and share it among his friend circle/family. And the second feature of this Dropbox website is its never change, edit or resize the photos, meaning you will get the same image as you left and always available on this website.

In this plate-from users can easily create a folder and sub-folder according to his collection. Need to follow some simple steps to share an image from your Dropbox website. Just right click on the image and past where you want it. You friend and relative only download the images, if you have given the download permission to your photos.


All you need to upload your personal photos on Imgur is its account. You can create a free account on Imgur to upload the unlimited picture on this plate-form and don’t worry about your pictures expiring. Imgur offers facility for users to create their online photo album there and can share each image direct or through HTML form. Users can upload images from mobile phone and also from their computer. Imgur is the most trusted website for image hosting.


The functionality of Use image hosting website is different from Imgur and Google photos. It dives access users to upload more than 100 images at once on this plate-form. This plate-form is the best option for those users, who want to upload many photos in few seconds on image hosting sites. The website store images permanently, never make changes in their width, size, and format. Users just need to create an account on this website to get access to upload their images. Direct sharing options are also available on these hosting sites, users can directly share their images on many social sites with few clicks. Just click on images and share it on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Flickr is one of the most trusted image sharing sites available over the internet. It’s well known’s for its free image hosting service, its acquired by Yahoo, which is also a well-known search engine. You can organize your images on this plate-form after uploading on this website. Apart from photo sharing Flick is also a community website, where you can share your images. In this website, there are many groups available on various topics of interest. Through the community, users can make other images as favorite and comment on that. Users can upload images/photos on this website through email and also through other photo application available on Google play store.

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