100+ Free Podcast Submission Sites List 2022

Podcast Submission Sites List

Welcome back to our new blog, today here we are going to share the free podcast submission sites list. Podcast mean audio, the audio submission sites. Its’ an another SEO off page task perform by the SEO professional to promote the audio or podcast. The audio submission sites help audio library or collection of a single to reach more listeners. So each audio owner list his audio library or audio on high page authority audio submission sites. There are lots of audio submission sites available on web search results for podcast submission.

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What is Podcast Submission

As we explain that podcast submission mean audio submission. In other words we can say that audio submission sites. These sites only help audio owners to promote the audio or library. Which carry the various audio tracks. When you find audio submission sites on web search results. You will get various high domain authority submission sites. Few of them are free to share the audio and other are paid.

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How to do Podcast Submission

Every one is looking for podcast submission. Where they can share or submit their audio free of charge. But few users don’t know how to do podcast submission. Here we share the way to share the podcast or submission your audio. All you need is one official email address to share you audio on audio submission sites. Choose the official email address if you have. No not available then create a new one to create account on podcast submission sites. Because its not possible to do podcast submission without email address.

Search on web results and make a collection of high domain authority submission sites list. After that create account on each website one by one. Each website send a verification link on email address. Never forget to verify the email address of your account. After that each podcast website have option to submit the podcast. Click on the submit podcast and then upload your audio and add the title, description, etc. Make your podcast more attractive by adding all the features available on the these sites. After finishing the all details, click on submit podcast. Wait for few time the support team review the podcast and share the live link with you.

Free Podcast Submission Sites List 2022

S.No.Podcast Submission SitesType
1https://podcasts.google.comHigh Page Authority
2https://soundcloud.comHigh Page Authority
3https://www.podbean.comHigh Page Authority
4https://earshot.inHigh Page Authority
5https://manicpod.comHigh Page Authority
6https://audioboom.comHigh Page Authority
7https://blubrry.comHigh Page Authority
8https://tunein.comHigh Page Authority
9https://www.spreaker.comHigh Page Authority
10https://www.ivoox.comHigh Page Authority
11https://podkeep.comHigh Page Authority
12https://womeninpodcasting.comHigh Page Authority
13https://player.fmHigh Page Authority
14https://libsyn.comHigh Page Authority
15https://hubhopper.comHigh Page Authority
16http://podcastsconnect.apple.com/High Page Authority
17http://soundcloud.com/High Page Authority
18http://ivoox.com/High Page Authority
19http://iheart.com/High Page Authority
20http://partners.stitcher.com/High Page Authority
21http://anchor.fm/High Page Authority
22http://castbox.fm/High Page Authority
23http://pocketcasts.com/High Page Authority
24http://libsyn.com/High Page Authority
25http://listennotes.com/High Page Authority
26http://ipodder.org/High Page Authority
27http://learnoutloud.com/High Page Authority
28http://mirpod.com/High Page Authority
29https://www.goodpods.co/submitHigh Page Authority
30http://www.creakystudios.com/submit-podcast/High Page Authority
31https://africanpodcasts.com/submit-a-podcast/High Page Authority
32https://podcastport.com/podcast-port-submission/High Page Authority
33http://nashvillepodcasters.com/add-your-podcast/High Page Authority
34https://castbox.fm/podcasters.htmlHigh Page Authority
35https://www.pocketcasts.com/submit/High Page Authority
36http://www.doggcatcher.com/user/registerHigh Page Authority
37https://ukpodcasters.com/add-podcast/High Page Authority
38https://ozpodcasts.com.au/submit/High Page Authority
39https://www.urbansunsets.com/submit-podcast/High Page Authority
40http://rpgcasts.com/submit/High Page Authority
41https://libsyn.com/podcast-source-submit/High Page Authority
42http://www.ipodder.org/High Page Authority
43http://www.gigadial.net/public/High Page Authority
44https://www.iheart.com/content/submit-your-podcast/High Page Authority
45https://scifidinerpodcast.com/about-2/submit-your-podcast-promo/High Page Authority
46https://womeninpodcasting.com/add-podcast/High Page Authority
47https://podkeep.com/add-your-podcast/High Page Authority
48http://soflowebfest.com/submit-podcast-here/High Page Authority
49http://www.mirpod.com/addpodcast.phpHigh Page Authority
50https://www.listennotes.com/submit/High Page Authority
51https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/homeHigh Page Authority
52https://www.podbean.com/High Page Authority
53https://partners.stitcher.com/High Page Authority
54https://www.ivoox.com/High Page Authority
55https://blubrry.com/High Page Authority
56https://www.learnoutloud.com/Podcast-DirectoryHigh Page Authority
57http://www.portaltotheuniverse.org/podcasts/feedback/submit/High Page Authority
58https://itunesconnect.apple.com/High Page Authority
59https://soundcloud.com/High Page Authority
60https://help.tunein.com/High Page Authority
61https://www.spreaker.com/High Page Authority
62https://audioboom.com/High Page Authority
63https://player.fm/High Page Authority

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Top Podcast Submission Sites

Top Podcast Submission sites mean those sites, which domain authority is so high. On these top sites million of daily traffic available. If you do podcast submission on these high domain authority podcast sites. Then your audio will definitely get the million of day or weekly traffic. Traffic help audio to become viral all over the social media and other platforms.

Free Audio Submission Sites

As we explain your that audio submission sites are also known as free audio submission sites. Its just a search query. They way of searching of each peoples are different. So here is the list of daily high traffic podcast sites list. Which also known as free audio submission sites.


Sharing podcast is easy if you know that way of submission. Here we share the whole way. How anyone can do the podcast submission. Remember that start from high page authority or domain authority sites first for better results. Some podcast sites are free and other are paid we listed here the free audio submission sites list.

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