Top 5 Free Youtube Video Promotion Sites List 2022-23

Do you know some best free Youtube video promotion sites list? As everyone knows that Youtube is the best platform. To share your story/through through videos. Its another way to show your talent through video and promote it all over the world. On Youtube thousands of video uploaded every hours. And if anyone want to promote his video or channel on this platform. Then think about those approximately thirty seven million channels. which already exist in Youtube.

So its hard to get subscriber and views on Youtube videos. You can also promote your video by Youtube promotion program. You will get traffic or subscriber from this promotion. Apart from pay promotion its hard to get views or subscriber on Youtube. Today here we are going to share the way how anyone can get views or subscriber on his video and grow its channel. And also share the free Youtube video promotion sites list. To gain the views or subscriber for channel.

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How to Promote Youtube Video Free

When you start using Youtube, you came to know that its same as other social media sites. Its popular due to its quality videos or channels which covers the all categories. Everyone want to know about any product or services can also browse Youtube. And watch product or services related video before buy or sale. From few years Youtube become the best platform. For marketers, brands, influences and much more.

Youtube is the best way to attract the viewers through the quality video. And gives them attraction to subscribe your channel. Once anyone subscribe the channel. Then he will always get your channel video notification. Till not unsubscribe your channel. Today here we are sharing some ways to promote Youtube channel. Without spending lots of money. Here are few strategies to promote video or channel.

Create Quality Content

Always focus to fulfil the demand of your viewers. Suppose you are showing any unboxing video and after unbox the product you end the video. That videos never rank or not get any views. Because the main things peoples are looking for you can’t share in your video. You must have to cover the all part and explain the deeply about services or products. A good video engagement can increase views or subscriber on your channel. Always create suspense on your video and much video must be high resolution quality.

Build a Strong Community

On Youtube if you want to success then you must have to focus on your audience. After completing the Youtube criteria you will get the community tab. Where you create the strong community by sharing video links or photos. And another group is your real. Like circle which are your friends, relative, brothers and so on. If you have the strong community when you publish your video. Your community members check out your video and leaves the lovely comments. It help your video to increase its reach and attract more audience.

Collaboration With Other Youtubers

Its’ the best way to promote you channel free of cost. Send request to Youtubers your know them and ask them to collaborate in one or two videos. After your video publish the viewers of that Youtuber channel. Also watch your video and subscribe you channel. In other words you can say that its best way to gain the subscribers of both Youtube channels. When your video get thousand of hours traffic. Then Youtube also suggest your video to new audience. And those who interested in your video can also view and subscribe your channel.

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Free Youtube Video Promotion Sites List


Now a days every one know that the terms and condition of Youtube changed. If your goal is to earn money from Youtube then you have to fulfil the criteria of Youtube terms. Like as your channel must have 1000 subscriber and 4 thousands watch time to earn money. And if you are unable to do that then you can’t earn money from Youtube. By joining the Youtube partner program you can promote your video or channel. But you have to pay for joining the Youtube partner program. After joining the partner program Youtube automatically promote your video on right audience. Which increase the channel video views and subscriber also. Veefly is one of the best site to promote the channel or videos. This one web help in video promotion, you must have to create account on this website and share your video. The web share the video among the right audience. And help your channel to complete the Youtube earn money criteria.


Facebook help channel to promote videos on his platform. Just create an account and start sharing your video on your profile. Your already created community such as your friend definitely watch your videos. Facebook social media site has more then 2.5 million of accounts. Sharing the few tips how anyone can promote video on Facebook.

Build Facebook Page:

While doing it in professional way. You must need to create a Facebook page to share all your videos on a single page. Share this page on your Facebook wall and ask your friend or family members to join the page. The peoples who join your page get notification from your page. While you share the new updates on your Facebook page. After that the persons who subscribed your channel also get notification from Youtube. Its the best way to attract the audience.

Join Facebook Group:

Join the Facebook groups which you interested. But only join those groups who allow everyone users to share the content on the group. After joining the groups, share your crated page on the various groups. You can directly share the video, but by sharing the video you also get followers on your Facebook page. Which mean you are also have active audience on Facebook to watch your shared content.

Post Popular Content:

Some time share the topic which is going on trend. Because then thing raking on trend can drive lots of traffic to channel or videos. Always try to cover the all topic in your videos. Engage the audience to way your full video. It’s also help your channel to grow and video to increase reaches.


Instagram is another one high domain authority sites. Which has also million of active users daily. Sharing video on this website mean traffic and subscriber. Promote your videos through reels. Instagram has a unique feature which known as reels. People create the unique reels to attract the audience in Instagram. So you also have to create the unique reels and share on your professional account. Reels mean a short video which describe your all topic. It’s the best way to promote the video and gain subscriber on Youtube. While promote your video on Instagram convert your private account into professional. Which show you the all graph about your videos growth and audience reach.


Twitter is also a good one social media account to promote business or services. Signup on Twitter and create a profession account. Check the peoples who are engage in your category. Comment or share the thoughts they shared on this platform. And also share your promotion video, then they will also get back to your video and do share and comment. It’s the way to drive traffic to a Youtube channel or video free of charge.


Linkedin is one of the well known social media sites. Which also help active profile user to promote what they want. In this platform you must also have to crate a community to share your thoughts or videos. So before share the video or any post. Connect with your circle friends, relative available on Linkedin. After crated more then 100 connection start sharing your video on your Linkedin wall. Peoples who are in your circle can share your video and also watch. Which increase your channel visibility and increase the Youtube earn money criteria.

Concluding thoughts:

Now you know the all about the promote Youtube video free. Check out the all websites to complete the Youtube earn money criteria. Social media is free platform to promote anything and goes viral. You can also use Reddit to increase the subscriber and views on your videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I promote my YouTube video for free?

1.Create unique content which attract audience.
2.Build community for your Youtube channel.
3.Start doing SEO for Youtube Video to reach more audience.
4.Collaborate with other your category Youtubers.
5.Take a help of social media site like Facebook, Instagram to gain views.

What sites promote YouTube videos?

1.Facebook promote Youtube Videos.
2.Youtube own promote video, who are in trending. But by joining Youtube partner program anyone can take advantage of this service.
3.Twitter also drive traffic to video or links. So use Twitter to get views on your Youtube videos.
4.Create a community on Youtube or also on social media sites.

How do I promote my YouTube channel 2022?

1.Things are same in 2022, use social media and paid service to promote channel.
2.Join Youtube partner program to promote channel.
3.Facebook help in promote channel. For fast result you can run the Facebook ads to reach more audience.
4.Create strong community on social media and also on your real life.

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