How to earn money from Google Maps

How to earn money from Google maps

Google Maps is one of the most popular services in the world. Many How to earn money from Google mapsentrepreneurs have heard about Google AdWords and sponsored ads. AdWords campaigns can be too expensive. Especially for small businesses that are just entering the local market. Fortunately, there is one more equally effective way to advertise on Google. Google Maps is directed in particular to local entrepreneurs. However, the best thing about it is that it is completely free. Adding a company to Google Maps is very simple and will not take you more than 20 minutes. The benefits that you achieve from such a solution, however, are enormous. This one is the full tutorial, How to earn money from Google Maps.


Google Maps is now displaying local business ads to its users. This option was introduced in 2016. In addition, Google navigation recommends its user’s top-rated places, such as service points or restaurants. It is highly likely that Google will monetize this mechanism. Since map users like to receive hints and suggestions about the highest rated points in the immediate area, this can be used.

How to earn money from Google maps


Google no longer wants you to only use its platforms, but also to contribute and participate in them. For this, it has launched a points program among its users and has started with Google Maps.


What do you do with Google points?How to earn money from Google maps

To reward users for the contributions to Local Guides, Google is now offering up to a terabyte of Google Drive storage. It allows early access to new Google products, and the chance to go to a summit for reviewers. Users will earn points for each contribution, and the more points you have, the bigger the bonuses

To participate, you must enter the Local Guide program here, accepting its conditions.

Once inside, we are immediately at level 1 (out of 5). To upload, it is necessary to write reviews, evaluate the location. Add a location that does not exist, upload a photo and correct errors.


How to earn money from Google maps


Thus, the dynamics allow you to earn the following, as Google promises:

Level 1 (0 to 4 points): It will allow you to participate in exclusive contests.

Level 2 (5 to 49 points): Offers prior access to new products and new Google features.

Level 3 (50 to 199 points): Allows you to get a special “Local Guides” badge that will be publicly displayed on your profile.

Level 4 (200 to 499 points): You can get a storage update in Google Drive, which will have 1 TB.

Level 5 (500 points): Attend the Google Summit in 2016 of local guides in the United States.

To verify your progress, just enter the Google Maps application and on the left tab, enter Your Contributions.

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