How to earn money from Google without Investment

How to earn money from Google without investment

There are many ways to earn money online.  You can do surveys, promote products or companies, or earn money through advertising. One of the most used methods to make money through the internet is by putting advertising on your blog or your website. The whole process is easy to know how to earn money from Google without investment.How to earn money from Google without investment

Adwords is the system with which advertisers say where and how they want to show their ads. AdSense is the system with which the administrators of the pages manage how the ads should be displayed. All this generates great benefits for Google.

Here we will explain step by step:

How to earn money from Google without investment


Steps to follow for making money by Google AdSense:

The first thing you have to do is choose the type of website you want to center for your new online business. It can be a website, a blog, site members, a directory etc.

There are a lot of ways to create your online business. You can go for help and hire professionals or website can create one yourself.

As recommended content managers for blogs and among the most commercialized are WordPress or Blogger. Wordpress in addition to being used to create blogs in recent years has evolved a lot. It being able to be used to create almost any web portal. The easy impHow to earn money from Google without investmentlementation of plug-in and widgets make many online businesses rely on this content manager.

Once you have the blog or web created, you have to start putting content on site. You can write on any topic that you think is interesting or that people visit a lot. Think about your target audience and focus on the content you want to publish for them. In this way, you can achieve loyalty to your visitors. If you touch many topics and do not do it well, people will come to your page. But after seeing this mess on the web, they will no longer enter.

Then you must open a Google AdSense account and post your ads. Google AdSense.

How to earn money from Google without investment

Finally, you only need to earn money, for this, you have to start generating traffic to your website or blog. If you want to know how to generate this traffic, look at this article.

The web traffic must be of quality, people, and users who are really interested in the subject and in the content that you offer. So we must choose one of the most important topics for our blog or online business.

Tips when you start your AdSense account

  • It is not always easy to earn a lot of money through Internet pages, to get great results you have to work for a long time.
  • Google ads are highly effective because they are shown according to the content of your page.
  • Do not create fake traffic on the site or blog, if you do so Google may ban your site


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