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Now a days everyone looking for online branding or online reputation management service (How to Remove Personal Information From Internet) to maintain online profiles and outdated information on Google search. Its easy to updates or create profiles on search engine, but when you think about to delete these profiles then it will be a hard work. You need all login details of your profiles available on search engine, the you will remove them from google result otherwise its not possible to remove them. Because those persons remove the personal details on google who have the login details of their links, which are available on google search. Otherwise there is no other way to remove them.

How to Remove Personal Information From Internet

Example: Suppose you have an Facebook profile available on Google search. When someone search for you this facebook profile come first on google page. And you want to remove this facebook account and also from google search.

To remove this account, first of all you need login details on this Facebook account. Go to account setting tab and then de-activate the account. After de-activating you account, search for remove url google search on One of the google url removal links will open on google search, click on that and submit you Facebook account url in it or Click on submit. The process will take 15 to 30 days to de-index submitted link from google search result.

How to Remove Personal Information From Internet

It’s the way to de-index your own links from google search. If you have third party links available on google search and you want to remove then, it much hard then last example I explain you. Because you don’t have the login access of third party website. You just need to contact the website owner to remove your information from their websites. If he agreed then it’s better otherwise you have to look for Online reputation management service. In case if the website owner agreed then you need to delete your information from their website and after that submit that url to google url removal tool. After 30 days link will not show up on google search.

If website owner not agreed to remove that information from his website then you have to hire an online reputation management guy, which help you to push that link down from google search when someone search for you. This is the way how to remove personal information from internet.

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