HTML Interview Questions Mostly Asked During Interview

HTML Interview Questions

Once again welcome back to our blog, today we are going to share the HTML Interview Questions for fresher and experienced. Whenever going for an HTML job interview make sure. You have the knowledge about all these questions. Because these all questions are mostly asked question in an interview. So make sure you have the all answers of these HTML questions.

HTML Interview Questions for Freshers

  1. What is HTML?

  2. Do all HTML tags have an end tag?

  3. What are Tags?

  4. How many types of heading does an HTML contain?

  5. What is semantic HTML?

  6. Does a hyperlink only apply to text?

  7. How to create a nested webpage in HTML?

  8. Is it possible to change the color of the bullet?

  9. What is a style sheet?

  10. What is the difference between HTML elements and tags?

    HTML Interview Questions for Experienced

  11. What is formatting in HTML?

  12. How to create a hyperlink in HTML?

  13. What are some common lists that are used when designing a page?

  14. How do you keep list elements straight in an HTML file?

  15. Which HTML tag is used to display the data in the tabular form?

  16. What is the use of a span tag? Give one example.

  17. What is a marquee?

  18. Can you create a multi-colored text on a web page?

  19. How to insert a copyright symbol on a browser page?

  20. How to make a picture of a background image of a web page?

  21. Explain the layout of HTML?

  22. What is an image map?

  23. Does a tag is a HTML tag?

  24. What are empty elements?

  25. How many tags can be used to separate a section of texts?

  26. What is the use of an iframe tag?

  27. What are the entities in HTML?

  28. Why is a URL encoded in HTML?

HTML Interview Questions for Experienced

HTML5 and CSS3 Interview Questions

  1. What is the canvas element in HTML5

  2. Which type of video formats are supported by HTML5?

  3. What is SVG?

  4. Is audio tag supported in HTML 5?

  5. What is the use of details and summary tag?

  6. What is the use of figcaption tag in HTML 5?

  7. What is datalist tag?

  8. What is the use of figure tag in HTML 5?

  9. What are the different new form element types in HTML 5?

  10. What are the new <input> types for form validation in HTML5?

  11. What is button tag?

  12. Is there any need to change the web browsers to support HTML5?

  13. What is the difference between progress and meter tag?

  14. What is the use of the required attribute in HTML5?

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