Top Common Java 8 Interview Questions and Answers

Java Interview Questions

Java language is a widely used language in the world. Developed in the year of 1995 and continuously upgrading the products to enhance the user’s experience. It’s easy to understand and use apart from C & C++ Language. The Java programming language has lots of easy to understand features that help experts as well as a new programmer. Here are we updated some java 8 interview questions which help you to face the Java interview. The questions are recommended for both fresher and experienced Java Developer. Have a look at Java questions and get a job if you are much perfect in Java language.

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Java Basic Interview Questions

Are you looking for a Java interview question to get a job in Java Development firm? Then you are in the right place, here we add the most asked java 8 interview questions for freshers and experienced. Read the questions and prepare the answer. These are the most often asked question by the recruitment firm.

What is Java?

1.What are the features of Java?
2.How does Java enable high performance?
3.What do you understand by Java IDEs?
4.Java is a platform-independent language. Why?
5.Explain different types of typecasting?
6.What are the default values for local variables?

Java 8 Interview Questions for Freshers

Listed below the java coding interview questions read them all and note down on the notebook. All recruitment agencies ask the same questions we listed in our collection. Make sure you know the answers of all questions listed below.

1.What are the key differences between C++ and Java?
2.What is the use of the Classloader in Java?
3.What is the static keyword?
4.What is Typecasting in Java?
5.What is break and continue statement?
6.What is aggregation in Java?
7.What is an instance of the keyword?
8.What is the Java Collections Framework?
9.What do you understand about Thread Priority?

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Java Interview Questions for 5 Years Experience

Sharing the common interview questions on Java. Prepare all questions and find out the answers. Note down on the notebook and prepare these for your Java Interview. The questions are listed below.

1.How to decide the young generation and old generation size for your application?
2.Write a program to print odd-even numbers using threads in sequence?
3.Write a program to implement the producer-consumer problem using BlockingQueue?
4.Have you worked on Serialization? Can you tell the difference between Serializable and Externalizable?
5.Which design pattern you have used in your project?
6.Can we make an array volatile in Java?
7.What are the practical uses of volatile modifiers?
8.How do you call the wait() method? using if block or loop? Why?
9.What is a busy spin? Why should you use it?
10.What is a thread-local variable in Java?

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