How many People have Social Media

Role Of Social Media Usage & People Using SMN Globally

From the last some years, the number of people using social media has shown a surprising growth. Whether it is about an earning purpose, social network or just an internet presence, people are connected with social media.  How many People use social media, according to a social media statistics, in the year 2015-2016 the total number of users was 181.7 to 216.5 million, however, the 2017 statistics refers it about 250.8 million social media users.  An estimated average for the next year is 283 million in only India. It is expected that by 2020 you will discover more than 2.95 billion social media users worldwide. The tutorial will explain to you How many People have Social Media.

As you know the social media is growing faster than in the last years. It is an essential part of our business awareness to track the important data to the relevant.

How Many People Have Social Media?


There may be half the population using the social media worldwide. The remaining will definitely be infant or children while the students can also be included in this estimated data. From the over 3 billion people, there are 2 billion active social media users. This indicates how it has made its Pan presence. Here we go to discover the aim having the social media presence.


Kick for Business


Gone are the days when only physical strength was nominated for the earning sources. The new technologies and the talent to use these technologies can make you earn that you deserve. Social media is reshaping the present times business. No doubt internet has global accessibility. The powerful elements of social media are blogs, photo sharing platforms, business networks, social gaming, chat apps, microblogs, forums, etc.How many people have social media

Content is the hero for digital marketing, blindly published blogs and articles are the weapons of online marketing. Web Designing, SEO, PHP, etc. are the sources to enter into online business and improve ranking. Social Media is the best way to improve the ranking of your business. More you improve your ranking more you grow your business. The growth of online business/digital marketing also depends on how many people use social media.


Social Media Networks: Communication purpose


Nowadays as compared to the face to face conversation, people prefer the interpersonal communication. A number of social media networks help to fulfill this purpose. Among Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Plus, etc.  Facebook is the prominent choice of people. As of January 2017, the Facebook has 1,871 million users worldwide. The other social media networks are used less by near about 1000 million. Among the users of SMN, Facebook has the huge lead with its 89% penetration in the competitive marketing. On the other side, Instagram comes on the second rank with 32% penetration. More the people make their presence more it will grow the engagement with the audience. At present Facebook achieved the greatest engagement with the consumer panel. How many people have the Social Media networks, its simple answer is a growth of mobile devices? A number of devices including, laptop, internet compatible handsets, iPad, etc. are used to sign up with the social media sites and grow your presence. Social skills and web access begin with the mobile platforms, etc. it is the most comfortable and common accessible source.

How many People have Social Media


Social Media is a dynamic platform, keep up yourself with the latest trends of social media networks. The most beneficial fact of social media is that it never goes in dark but grow ahead by leaps and bounds.



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