MVC Interview Questions and Answers for 2,3 Years Experience

MVC Interview Questions

Welcome Back to Our New Post, Today We Are Going to Share the Most Asked MVC Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher or Experienced. We Also Shared the Mvc Interview Question for 2, 3 Years of Experienced Persons. During the Job Interview, the Recruitment Team Asks Basic Interview Questions from Freshers. but the Person Who Has More Than 2 Years of Experience Has to Answer the Various Question. Which Are Asked from His Work Experience. So Here Are Mostly Asked Mvc Net Interview Questions.

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MVC Interview Questions And Answers

Check out the interview questions on MVC and prepare for your job interview. We share the interview question for fresher and experience also. So have a look at the collection of MVC interview questions and answers.

MVC Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced

MVC Interview Questions and Answers for 2 Years Experience

Define Output Caching in MVC?

Mention the significance of NonActionAttribute?

What are the 3 important segments for routing?

Explain some benefits of using MVC?

Explain the MVC Application life cycle.

Explain Model, View and Controller in Brief.

Explain in brief the role of different MVC components?

What is the use of ActionFilters in MVC?

Mention & explain the different approaches you will use to implement Ajax in MVC?

Make a differentiation between View and Partial View?

Explain briefly the two approaches of adding constraints to an MVC route?

What are the areas of benefits in using MVC?

How will you explain the concept of RenderBody and RenderPage of MVC?

Define Default Route in MVC?

What is ViewStart?

Which class will you use for sending the result back in JSON format in MVC?

Explain the 3 concepts in one line; Temp data, View, and Viewbag?

How to execute any MVC project? Explain its steps.

What do you mean by partial view of MVC?

What are the different return types used by the controller action method in MVC?

Explain briefly what you understand by separation of concern.

Point out the different stages a Page life cycle of MVC has?

How can you implement the MVC forms authentication?

When multiple filters are used in MVC, how is the ordering of execution of the filters done?

How will you differentiate between ActionResult and ViewResult?

MVC Interview Questions and Answers for 3 Years Experience

How will you navigate from one view to another view in MVC? Explain with a hyperlink example.

How will you define the 3 logical layers of MVC?

What are the various steps to create the request object?

Name the assembly in which the MVC framework is typically defined.

What is TempData in MVC?

Mention the possible file extensions used for razor views?

What is used to handle an error in MVC?

Define the concept of Filters in MVC?

What are the rules of Razor syntax?

Which type of filters are executed in the end while developing an MVC application?

What are the different properties of MVC routes?

Explain in brief the difference between adding routes in a webform application & an MVC application?

How will you maintain the sessions in MVC?

Define Scaffolding in MVC?

How is the routing carried out in MVC?

What is the concept of routing in MVC?

Explain briefly the GET and POST Action types?

Describe ASP.NET MVC?

Point out the two instances where you cannot use routing or where routing is not necessary.

Explain briefly the use of ViewModel in MVC?

What is Spring MVC?

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