Mostly Asked Python Interview Questions and Answers

Python interview question

Python is the high-level programming language and also known as the general-purpose programming language. It helps in creating all kinds of applications with libraries or the right tools. Python support various objects like threads, modules that help in application building and solve the application issues. In this article, we share the Python interview questions and answers. Read the question before going for a job interview as a Python application developer. Check the Python question below and prepare these for the interview.

Python Interview Questions and Answers

Python Basic Interview Questions

1.What is the difference between list and tuples in Python?
2.What type of language is python? Programming or scripting?
3.How is memory managed in Python?
5.What are local variables and global variables in Python?
6.What is type conversion in Python?
7.How to install Python on Windows and set path variable?
8.What are the functions in Python?
9.What is a lambda function?
10.What are python iterators?
11.What is the difference between range & xrange?

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Python Technical Interview Questions

1.What is Python?
2.What is a dynamically typed language?
3.What is PEP 8 and why is it important?
4.What is Scope in Python?
5.What are decorators in Python?
6.What are Dict and List comprehensions?
7.are the common built-in data types in Python?
8.What is lambda in Python? Why is it used?
9.How do you copy an object in Python?
10.What are the modules and packages in Python?

Python Scripting Interview Questions

1.What are the key features of Python?
2.How is memory managed in Python?
3.What are local variables and global variables in Python?
4.Is indentation required in python?
5.What are the functions in Python?
6.How can you randomize the items of a list in place in Python?
7.What is pickling and unpickling?
8.How to comment multiple lines in python?
9.What is the purpose of is, not, and in operators?
10.Whenever Python exits, why isn’t all the memory de-allocated?

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