Spring Interview Questions and Answers

Spring Interview Questions

Career is so good if you are thinking to become a Spring Framework Developer. And if you have done and looking for a job in the Spring framework fields then you are in the right place. Here in this blog, we added the spring interview questions and answers which help you a lot during the spring job interview. We added the most asked interview questions during the Spring Framework interview. Get ready for your interview after preparing all of these questions we listed below. We cover the various parts for Spring interviews like Spring Batch, Sprinter IOC, Spring Hibernate, and much more.

Spring Interview Questions and Answers

Spring Basic Interview Questions

1.What is Spring?
2.What are the advantages of spring framework?
3.What is IOC and DI?
4.What is the role of IOC container in spring?
5.What is the difference between BeanFactory and ApplicationContext?
6.What are the different bean scopes in spring?
7.What are the advantages of JdbcTemplate in spring?
8.How can you fetch records by spring JdbcTemplate?
9.What is AOP?
10.What are the AOP terminology?

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Spring Boot Interview Questions

1.What is Spring Boot?
2.What are the features of Spring Boot?
3.are the advantages of Spring Boot?
4.How to create Spring Boot application using Maven?
5.How to create Spring Boot project using boot CLI?
6.What are the Spring Boot Annotations?
7.What are the Spring Boot properties?
8.What are the Spring Boot Starters?
9.What is Spring Boot Actuator?
10.How to use thymeleaf?

Spring MVC Interview Questions

1.What is Spring MVC framework?
2.What is DispatcherServlet and ContextLoaderListener?
3.What is the front controller class of Spring MVC?
4.How to use Java based configuration?
5.Can we have multiple Spring configuration files?
6.Difference between @Component, @Controller, @Repository & @Service annotations?
7.What does the ViewResolver class?
8.How to upload file in Spring MVC Application?
9.How to validate form data in Spring Web MVC Framework?
10.How to handle exceptions in Spring MVC Framework?

Spring and Hibernate Interview Questions

1.What is Hibernate Framework?
2.What is Java Persistence API (JPA)?
3.What are the important benefits of using Hibernate Framework?
4.What are the advantages of Hibernate over JDBC?
5.Name some important interfaces of Hibernate framework?
6.What is hibernate configuration file?
7.What is hibernate mapping file?
8.Name some important annotations used for Hibernate mapping?
9.What is Hibernate SessionFactory and how to configure it?
10.Hibernate SessionFactory is thread safe?

Spring Interview Questions for Experienced

1.What is Tight Coupling?
2.What is Loose Coupling?
3.What are Beans in Spring?
4.Explain Bean creation process?
5.What is Dependency Injection?
6.What are the roles of an IOC (Inversion of Control) Container?
7.What is Application Context?
8.How do you perform the same (above question) in Spring Boot?
9.What is the difference between the Configuration types XML and Annotation?
10.What is Dirty Read?

Spring AOP Interview Questions

1.Describe Spring AOP?
2.What is the difference between concern and cross-cutting concern in Spring AOP?
3.What are the available AOP implementations?
4.What are the different advice types in spring?
5.What is Spring AOP Proxy?
6.What is Introduction?
7.is joint point and Point cut?
8.What is Weaving in AOP?
9.What are the different implementations of Spring AOP ?
10.What are the different types of Spring Advice ?

Spring Security Interview Questions

1.What is the delegating filter proxy?
2.What is the security filter chain?
3.Mandatory Filter Name Main Purpose?
4.Are you able to add and/or replace individual filters?
5.Is it enough to hide sections of my output (e.g. JSP-Page)?
6.Why do you need the intercept-url?
7.Why do you need method security?
8.Is security a cross-cutting concern? How is it implemented internally?
9.What is the security context?
10.What are authentication and authorization? Which must come first?

Spring Batch Interview Questions

1.Explain spring batch framework
2.Explain the Spring Batch framework architecture.
3.Have you implement Spring Batch Tasklet? What was the use case?
4.How to configure Spring Batch with Spring boot?
5.How can we schedule a Spring Batch Job?
6.What is difference between Step, Tasklet and Chunk in Spring Batch?
7.What is Spring Batch Admin?
8.Where batch processing is used?
9.What is step in job?
10.What is ItemReader?
11.What is ItemProcessor?
12.What is spring batch listener?

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