TCS Technical Interview Questions 2023

TCS Technical Interview Questions

Everyone wants to get a job in a big company. Where his life is secure and also has grown in his field. During the job interview, the recruitment team asked various questions related to his field. So here we are going to share TCS Technical Interview Questions. Which is basically asked during the job interview. So prepare yourself for these questions. These are the often asked questions during the job interview.

TCS Technical Interview Questions

We also shared the TCS Interview Questions for Freshers. Because fresher doesn’t have any experience with the interview questions. And also looking for interview questions all around the web. So check out the list of most asked TCS Interview Questions.

TCS HR Interview Questions

TCS HR Interview Questions

What is IPsec? What are its components?

What is a Ping?

Discuss the RSA algorithm in brief.

What is slice splicing in software testing? What are its two types?

What exactly are macros? What are the benefits and drawbacks?

What is the meaning of a command line argument in C?

Enlist the differences between AWT and Swing in Java.

What is the difference between a clustered index and non clustered index ?

What do you understand about a Subnet Mask?

What is a checkpoint in a database management system, and when does it eventuate?

What are interrupts?

What is meant by Cycle Stealing?

How will you swap two numbers without the use of a third variable?

What do you mean by SQL Correlated Subqueries?

What is the RR Scheduling Algorithm in OS?

In a database management system, what are the two integrity rules?

What do you understand about round trip time?

What does a database schema imply? What are its types?

What is Socket Programming? What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Java Sockets?

Give an instance where there was a bug that you didn’t find in black box testing but discovered in white box testing.

What are the two concepts of swapping in the context of OS? How does swapping help in better memory management?

What is the difference between the Java Development Kit (JDK), Java Runtime Environment (JRE), and Java Virtual Machine (JVM)?

In a software program, what is cyclomatic complexity?

What is the tunnel mode in networking?

What do you know about SLIP?

What is piggybacking?

Explain memory leak in C++. How can you avoid it?

Write the code to reverse a given number using Command Line Arguments.

What is Ethernet?

What is NAT?

What do you mean by concurrency control?

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