Things to Do in Germany Munich

Munich Germany

Things to Do in Germany Munich


The capital Bavaria’s is the good place to visit museums, churches, and many other masterpieces locations. It’s really hard to for the visitor to know where to start visiting these places. According to travel agents, only one single week is enough to visit these all locations. Wittelsbach monarchs assembled this all valuable collection, who ruled in the 20th century on Bavaria. From the top of St Peter’s Church, you can see the beauty of all palaces. Munich is also well known for some famous exports like FC Bayern, BMW, etc. Let’s explore the best things to do in Germany Munich.


Top 10 Best Things to Do in Germany Munich


Munich ResidenzMunich Residenz

The Munich Residenz is one of the best places if you are looking to visit Germany. It’s constructed in 17 century on the northern edge of the city. The Residenz has one hundred rooms and then courtyards. There are many grand statements made in Renaissance, Rococo by kings, princes, emperors or dukes. The art makes the place more richness and makes it a more attractive sight to visit several times.



Englischer Garten

When the visitor scans the map of the city then definitely they stuck on the Englischer Garten, due to its size. Englischer GartenThe park was created in 18 century, started from the north behind the Residenz and left of Isar. It’s lake become the world’s largest park apart from New York’s Central Park. It has 370 hectares lawns spread all over the Garten. There are some little sights to go inside such as Chinese Tower established in 1790 and also a Japanese teahouse 1972 special build for Olympics. Eisbach River is the man-made river which has strong waves which border rider up for a minute at a time.



Neue Pinakothek

Neue Pinakothek
The Neue Pinakothek show the influential movements of 1800 century and having the collection of 400 painting, which shows the art of 18th century to visitors, who visit Neue Pinakothek during their Germany tour.

 The visitor can slowly study each movement in the details available in Neue Pinakothek.




St Peter’s Church


St Peter’s Church

St Peter’s Church was the first church built in the 1100 century and literally destroyed by fire in the year of 1327. Laterally the church was constructed in Gothic style and later added many extensions and left the church with Baroque and Renaissance elements.

 In the 16th century, St Peter was sculpted by Erasmus Grasser, have a close look at the high altar.






Lenbachhause is the beautiful place to visit, which was constructed in the 20th century and having influential/vibrant art scene. The name of the building is taken from a famous painter named Franz von Lenbach who construct the building in 1880 century.



Asam ChurchAsam Church

When you visit Germany never forgets to visit Asam Church, which is designed by brothers Asam in 18 century. Asam brothers are famous painter and sculptor at that time. For religious order, a private chapel is unattached with the Asam Church, which is an interesting thing. The narrow space of Asam Church gave the Asam brothers freedom to break the baroque rules for interior decoration and layout. It’s a good place to visit which your whole family as a family trip.




Theatine ChurchTheatine Church

The Theatine Church was designed in the 17th century and used Italian architects in Baroque style. The church is decorated with a painted facade, Ionic pilasters, reliefs, etc.

 During the trip to Theatine Church, have a look on evangelist from 1722 century and altar with images. Apart from this also have a look on black wooden pulpit which is showing the art of 1688 century.



BMW Museum
BMW Museum
Never forget to visit the BMW Museum during your trip to Germany. The man behind the designed the famous BMW headquarters is Kerl Schwanzer. The construction of this museum was completed in the year 1973. when you go inside the museum you will feel relaxed and see the development of the BMW brand. The place is equipped with vintage motorcycles, engines, car, aircraft, and other concept vehicles or expressing information through multimedia.



BMW Welt

BMW Welt

Never forget to visit BMW Welt, which is one of the stylist exhibition halls. It’s free to enter and become the world most famous car dealership showroom is located in Germany. People visit the showroom to buy a new BMW car for their personal use.

 The owner has the right to take his car through elevator into a glass hall. In this showroom, the customer can take to look on newly available models of BMW available in the market and also book a test drive of BMW car. Customers can buy his dream BMW car from this showroom which is delivered all over the world.


Marienplatz is the place which is always brimming with tourist in every season, tourist will come here for shopping and enjoy the beauty of Marienplatz. Its name as Marian Column came into existence in the 17th century. The statue available on the top is so older established in the year of 1590.

In the month of December maximum tourist came here to enjoy the Christmas market.




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